1. pick your DETAILS

Choose the wall(s) you’d like painted and what subject matter. Figure up your budget and deadline. Here are a few tips to help you determine your mural budget. The pricing for a mural is $15-$30 per sq. ft. The mural cost is determined based on the size, detail and location of the mural. Minimum mural cost is $250.00.

Contact me when know what you’d like painted and are ready to get a quote. We can communicate by email if you have the measurements and photos of the wall you’d like painted. Or we can meet for an in person consultation! I’ll come out to your site, measure and take photos, ask you some questions and answer any that you may have. Either by email or in person, I will collect the information I need to design your mural and provide an accurate quote.

3. Design FEE

I charge a NON-REFUNDABLE DESIGN FEE to begin researching and designing your mural. Once paid, I will put together concepts for your mural which can be revised up to 2(two) times. There is a $50 fee for each additional revision. The Design Fee will be applied to the total cost of your mural project. This fee will be waived if I am painting your logo or an exact image that you’ve provided and no research or artistic design is required. The total mural cost and timeline will be provided with the initial mural design


Either you’ve already paid your Design Fee and have confirmed the final design or you are commissioning a logo or client provided image and are ready to begin. NOW it's time to commission your mural! A 50% deposit is required to begin.

5. final PAYMENT

Once your mural is complete, the remaining 50% balance is owed. Congratulations!! You are now another super satisfied client of a Rachel Wade Art mural!