1. pick a SIZE

If you’d like a larger size than what’s listed, please just ask! Here are the most popular sizes to help you narrow it down: 

8” x 10”
11” x 14”

2. pick a PHOTO

Whether you're commissioning a pet, human, nature or building drawing, you'll need to choose an image for me to work from. If you have questions about your photo, send it over and I'll help you decide. 

3. B/W or COLOR

Decide if you’d like black and white or added color detail with watercolor.

4. EMAIL 1-2-3

NOW it's time to commission your drawing. Contact me with your SIZE-PHOTO-B/W or COLOR and we'll finalize all the details together.


I'll send you a customized payment link for a 50% deposit. Then the drawing begins! I typically quote 1-2 weeks to complete your original drawing. This can change - I will always let you know the timeline when we finalize the details. 

6. final PAYMENT

I'll send you a sneak peek photo of your completed drawing and at this time the final balance is due. If you're local to Atlanta, I can meet you to deliver. If not, shipping costs will be added to the final balance.